VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #23 – Argentinosaurus dinosaur facts VR 360 video education

VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #23

Argentinosaurus dinosaur facts VR 360 video education

The 23rd episode in our Jurassic Encyclopedia series with a special guest – Argentinosaurus dinosaur. Join us on this prehistoric journey and together we will learn a new dose of dinosaur facts about one of the largest land animals! We invite you to read the article and then watch our new 360 video.

Argentinosaurus was a giant dinosaur that lived around 96 to 92 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous period in what is now Argentina. The animal’s massive size earned it the title of largest land animal of all time!

The first remains of this dinosaur were found in 1987 at the farm “Las Overas” located about 8km east of Plaza Huincul in Argentina. Dinosaur fossils were found by the owner of the farm Guillermo Heredia. Subsequently, in 1989, began larger excavations that led to the discovery of numerous vertebrae and damaged bones of the pelvis Argentinosaurus. Thanks to the discovered remains, a holotype specimen of Argentinosaurus was created.

As we wrote earlier, this dinosaur is the largest known land animal of all time. It is estimated that the size of the dinosaur ranged from 30 to even 39.7 meters in length and its weight could range from 50 to 100 tonnes! The dinosaur’s weight matches that of the blue whale, which is currently the largest animal, and Argentinosaurus may have been longer than the blue whale. Unfortunately, the data are mainly based on estimates, because the remains of the dinosaur are incomplete.

Argentinosaurus, like other sauropods, was oviparous. This means in practice that females laid eggs. One might think that because of the dinosaur’s large size, the eggs laid by females were proportionally large. In practice, an Argentinosaurus egg was only 1 liter in volume and smaller than the average ostrich egg. A freshly hatched Argentinosaurus offspring measured no more than 1 meter and was no heavier than 5 kilograms. In all likelihood, the juvenile Argentinosaurus was the size of a fox.

Argentinosaurus was a herbivorous animal. The diet of this dinosaur consisted mainly of leaves, seeds, and fruits. It is speculated that due to its size, it fed on the branches of tall coniferous trees.

Are you interested in this dinosaur? If so be sure to click on the link to the video embedded in the article and watch our VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #23. In the new episode, we tell you a little more about Argentinosaurus. Do not wait any longer to find out the next dose of dinosaur facts and continue our VR 360 video education about dinosaurs.

VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #23 – Argentinosaurus dinosaur facts VR 360 video education

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