VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #1 – Dinosaurs Size Comparison in 360 VIDEO

VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #1

Dinosaurs Size Comparison in 360 VIDEO

VR Jurassic EncyclopediaDinosaurs size comparison in 360 VIDEO it’s the first video from our dinosaur facts series. Here you can find answers to questions like who is the biggest dinosaur, who is the biggest animal, and who rules in a prehistoric park. Watch dinosaurs size comparison from the smallest to the biggest dinosaur and find out some facts about them that you may not have known before.

In this video, we are pleased to present you the size comparison of as many as 24 dinosaurs. We are not here to follow the usual dinosaur facts about them, but to show you something new – dinosaur size comparison in virtual reality. You will be able to see how big dinosaurs are compared to your average human.

In our comparison there was, among others, the Oviraptor dinosaur which length is 1.6 meters, weight is 33-40 kilograms. Its height is only 71 cm, so comparing it to a human, it is a small dinosaur. Another dinosaur that can be found in our comparison is Styracosaurus, which weighs 2700 kg and its length is 5.5 m. His height is equal to that of a quite tall man because his height is 1.8 m. In our comparison, we also present very tall and heavy dinosaurs. One such dinosaur is Parasaurolophus. In the case of this dino, the weight varies between 2700 kg and 3600 kg. Its length is from 10 to even 11 meters. It would be hard for a man to be as tall as this dinosaur because he was 4.9 m tall.

The comparison also included the dinosaurs that moved with the wings. Such dinosaurs are Dimorphodon, Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus.

This 360 video in virtual reality is not only the opportunity to learn the sizes of many dinosaurs but also the opportunity to get to know them up close. Click on the link in the post and experience this adventure with us by watching our VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #1 video.

VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #1 – Dinosaurs Size Comparison in 360 VIDEO

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