Primal Roar – Jurassic Dinosaur Era it’s a Single Player VR game that takes you into the Jurassic age! Meet the most popular dinosaurs like T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptor, etc. In this virtual reality game you can learn some facts about your favorite dinosaurs but not only! You can also feel a primal roar and take part in the dinosaur hunt. If you want to rise up your adrenaline, we invite you to take a ride in a crazy VR roller coaster mode in the Jurassic jungle!

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Dinosaur Encyclopedia Mode

Learn new unknown facts about your favorite dinosaurs with our VR Game. We prepared a dinosaur encyclopedia mode in which you can know amazing pieces of information about dinosaurs from the Jurassic era. Here you will learn such information as what dinosaurs ate, when they lived, what their size was, and much other interesting information. We’ve compiled all the most interesting information into one place! In our dinosaur Encyclopedia collection, we have both meat-eating and plant-eating dinosaurs! Watch the dino up close as well as explore the area around it. We give you complete freedom to do what you want!

VR Game with beautiful areas and realistic graphics

This virtual reality game takes you into the beautiful areas inhabited by dinosaurs. Beautiful graphics replicating the Jurassic jungle will make you feel like you have moved tens of millions of years back in time. The game also has an open world mode which allows you to explore every part of this Jurassic jungle.

Dinosaur Hunt mode

Take the role of the most dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs and start hunting. Thanks to Virtual Reality, you will be able to take on the role of Tyrannosaurs Rex, Spinosaurus, and other aggressive carnivorous dinosaurs. Join to dinosaur hunt and complete missions. Eat other Jurassic dinosaurs to become the most powerful dino.
In hunt mode, you get to choose from 6 carnivorous dinosaurs and your task will be to hunt a determined number of dinos that your character once preyed on.

VR Roller Coaster rides

This adventure doesn’t end with just exploring the jungle. Here you can also take part in the craziest rides on the VR Roller Coaster. Sit back and explore the natural dinosaur habitat, in a rather unusual way! In these Virtual Reality game, you will find 7 different rides that will take you on unforgettable journeys.

Summarizing information about Primal Roar - Jurassic Dinosaur Era

We give you full freedom in our dinosaur world. With us, you can experience an unforgettable adventure and at the same time improve your knowledge about dinosaurs through the dinosaur encyclopedia mode. In addition, if you dream of action that will bring out the primal roar in you, you can join the hunt mode. And if you want to experience the dinosaur era from a slightly different perspective, you can join the VR roller coaster mode!

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Primal Roar – Jurassic Dinosaur Era