Brachiosaurus dinosaur

VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #7 – Brachiosaurus dinosaur facts VR 360 video education

In this video, we bring you new and unknown facts about the dinosaur that is Brachiosaurus. This dinosaur was long considered one of the largest dinosaurs. Brachiosaurus was a dinosaur that lived about 154-153 million years ago in the late Jurassic period. Brachiosaurus size is estimated to be 18 to 21 meters long. It is also believed that the weight of this dinosaur ranged from 28.3 to even 58 metric tons. This dinosaur compared to the current elephant could be up to 7 times heavier. This is only part of the information you can find in our VR 360 video. Watch the VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #7 video in the post and continue our VR 360 video education about dinosaurs.

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