Liberty City

Nestled in Miami’s inner core, Liberty City is a melting pot of cultures and history. From its iconic landmarks to its vibrant art scene, this neighborhood has something for everyone. Despite its rough reputation, Liberty City is brimming with resilience and community spirit. Come explore the streets and immerse yourself in the energy of this dynamic locale.

Vice City

Welcome to Vice City, the fictional but oh-so-realistic setting of the iconic video game franchise. A place where glamour and excess are balanced by the grit and danger of organized crime, Vice City is a city that has captured the imaginations of gamers and storytellers alike. With its neon lights, 80s-inspired fashion, and iconic soundtrack, Vice City has become an enduring symbol of a bygone era – a place where anything is possible, but nothing is guaranteed.


Crime is an unfortunate reality in our world. Whether it’s a petty theft or a violent act of aggression, the impact of crime can be felt by individuals and communities alike. Despite efforts to prevent and punish crime, it continues to persist. It is essential to recognize the root causes of crime and work towards addressing them to create a safer and more just society.


Violence is a destructive act that affects both the sufferer and the perpetrator. Its roots are diverse and complex, with influences ranging from psychological, cultural, and socio-political causes. While violence cannot be eradicated entirely, understanding its origins can help prevent its occurrence. It is vital to ensure that we promote empathy, love, and compassion as a powerful antidote to the corrosive effects of violence.

Los Santos

Nestled along the beautiful coast of southern San Andreas lies the bustling metropolitan city of Los Santos. With sprawling neighborhoods, bustling nightlife, and a diverse population, this city has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re a beach bum looking to catch some waves or a high-rise executive leading a boardroom meeting, Los Santos is the perfect destination for global travelers seeking to experience a slice of California in the form of one of the world’s most iconic cities.


Extortion: the illicit act of demanding money through the use of threats or force. It preys on the vulnerable, leaving them feeling helpless and trapped. In today’s society, extortion has taken many forms, from traditional “protection” rackets to online blackmail. No matter the method, the effects are devastating. It’s time to stand up against this heinous crime and seek justice for all those who have been victimized.

Drug trafficking

The illicit trade of drugs has been a global issue for decades, spanning across regions and borders. With the significant sums of money involved, drug trafficking has been known to fuel other heinous crimes such as violence, corruption, and terrorism. Despite different measures taken by governments and law enforcement agencies, drug trafficking continues to thrive in many parts of the world. The need for coordinated efforts and innovative solutions to curb this menace is vital.

Street gangs

The phenomenon of street gangs has been around for centuries, with their presence and influence often felt in urban areas. These groups are often composed of marginalized youth seeking a sense of belonging and purpose. However, they are also responsible for a myriad of criminal activities, including drug trafficking and violence. Understanding the root causes of gang involvement and implementing effective prevention and intervention strategies remain critical in mitigating the harmful effects of these groups on society.

Mob boss

A mob boss, also known as a Mafia boss or a Don, is the leader of a criminal organization. They hold substantial power within their community and control their empire through a network of associates and loyalists. The lifestyle might seem glamorous in pop culture, but in reality, it is a world of violence, corruption, and a never-ending cycle of power struggles.


In the early 20th century, America witnessed one of the most controversial periods in its history. The Prohibition era, a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcohol, lasted for over a decade. It was aimed at reducing crime and corruption, promoting morality and health, and increasing productivity. However, Prohibition had many unforeseen consequences, including the rise of organized crime and the degradation of public morals. Despite its noble intentions, Prohibition failed to achieve its goals and was eventually repealed.

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