Friday the 13th

Microsoft Will Reportedly Finalize Activision Blizzard Deal On Friday The 13

In what seems to be a union of titans, reports suggest that Microsoft is set to seal the deal with Activision Blizzard on Friday the 13th. Like a stroke of fate, this acquisition is expected to reshape the gaming landscape, leaving players, developers, and industry giants speculating about the potential consequences. With Microsoft’s strategic approach and Activision Blizzard’s extensive gaming catalog, gaming enthusiasts eagerly await for this fusion of power to unfold.

Friday the 13th: The Game Will Be Delisted At The End Of The Year

It’s the day horror fans dread the most – Friday the 13th. And for fans of the game Friday the 13th: The Game, there’s even more bad news. The popular asymmetrical multiplayer game will be delisted at the end of the year. Despite a devoted fanbase, the game has been plagued by legal issues. So if you’ve ever wanted to wreak havoc as Jason Voorhees, now is your last chance.

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