illegal activities


Extortion: the illicit act of demanding money through the use of threats or force. It preys on the vulnerable, leaving them feeling helpless and trapped. In today’s society, extortion has taken many forms, from traditional “protection” rackets to online blackmail. No matter the method, the effects are devastating. It’s time to stand up against this heinous crime and seek justice for all those who have been victimized.

Money laundering

Money laundering is a shadowy practice that seeks to legitimize illicit funds through a complex and convoluted process. From illicit drugs to fraudulent activities, criminals find a way to launder their funds by disguising their source of income. Despite the insidious motives behind money laundering, government and financial institutions are constantly looking for ways to prevent and detect it. Through regulation and cooperation, money laundering may one day become a distant memory.

Protection racket

Protection racket is a type of organized crime where a criminal group forces individuals or businesses to pay for their own protection from harm. This scheme is often implemented through the use of intimidation and violence to ensure compliance. Unfortunately, victims are left with no other option but to pay up in order to keep themselves safe. Despite efforts to combat protection racket activities, it remains prevalent in countries around the world.

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