Next Year

The Analogue 3D Plays Nintendo 64 Games At 4K Resolution, Releasing Next Year

Get ready to experience the nostalgia of Nintendo 64 games like never before with the Analogue 3D! This innovative console upscales your favorite classics to stunning 4K resolution. With a release date set for next year, gamers everywhere can immerse themselves in the pixel-perfect magic of yesteryears with a modern twist. Don’t miss out on this ultimate gaming experience!

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Hits PS5 Next Week, PC Next Year

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure as Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition finally arrives on PS5 next week, followed by its PC debut next year. Brace yourself to step into a breathtaking world filled with mystery and danger, where the past and future collide in a thrilling saga unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Embark on an epic journey that will leave you craving for more as you uncover the secrets of the Forbidden West. Buckle up and get ready to explore the untamed beauty of a world on the edge of extinction.

Tales Of The Shire Is A Cozy Lord Of The Rings Game Coming Next Year

In a delightful twist for Lord of the Rings fans, a cozy new game titled “Tales of the Shire” is set to grace our screens next year. Immerse yourself in the idyllic world of hobbits and embark on heartwarming adventures. This game promises to transport players to a cozy and enchanting realm, offering a much-needed respite from the chaos of everyday life. Stay tuned for a gaming experience that will undoubtedly spark joy in even the weariest of souls.

Supergiant Games Announces Hades II Early Access Starts Next Year

Supergiant Games, the acclaimed indie studio behind Bastion and Transistor, has just dropped an unexpected bombshell: Hades II is set to grace our screens! With the game’s early access slated for next year, anticipation is soaring high. Brace yourselves for another epic adventure through the realm of Greek mythology as Supergiant Games never fails to deliver astounding storytelling and immersive gameplay. Prepare to descend into Hades once again, and face the trials that await.

Princess Peach Is Getting Her Own Game Next Year

After years of being Princess Mario’s damsel in distress, Princess Peach is finally getting her own game next year. Fans of the Mario universe, especially young girls, can finally play as the beloved Princess and explore her world in this new adventure. We can’t wait to see what kind of puzzles and challenges await in this sure-to-be epic game!

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