Steam Deck OLED Announced

Introducing the much-awaited Steam Deck OLED, a gaming marvel crafted for enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience. Valve’s latest offering boasts an organic LED display, promising enhanced visuals and vibrant colors. The portable gaming device is hailed as a futuristic masterpiece, merging power, versatility, and innovation into one handheld console. Brace yourselves for an untethered gaming adventure like no other.

Mario Red Nintendo Switch OLED Announced

In a delightful surprise, Nintendo has officially unveiled the much-anticipated Mario Red Nintendo Switch OLED. This vibrant and alluring edition pays homage to the iconic plumber and promises an enhanced gaming experience. Packed with vibrant colors and a stunning OLED display, it’s a treat for both avid gamers and collectors alike. Get ready to embark on spectacular gaming adventures with Mario and his pals!

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