LittleBigPlanet, Dreams Developer Media Molecule Reportedly Planning To Lay Off 20 Employees

In a surprising turn of events, Media Molecule, the renowned studio behind the beloved games LittleBigPlanet and Dreams, finds itself amidst an unfortunate situation. Reports suggest that the company is reluctantly contemplating laying off 20 employees. This unforeseen decision has left fans and industry insiders curious about the fate of their future projects. While the news may be disheartening, it remains to be seen how Media Molecule will navigate this challenging period as they’ve always possessed the ability to transform setbacks into triumphs.

Leaked Microsoft Docs Indicate Xbox Is Planning Next-Gen Hybrid Console For 2028

In a surprising turn of events, leaked Microsoft documents have revealed plans for a groundbreaking next-generation hybrid console set to make waves in 2028. Combining the best features of traditional gaming consoles and cloud-based streaming, this innovation aims to revolutionize the gaming experience. Stay tuned as Xbox ventures boldly into the future, merging reality with virtual worlds like never before.

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