The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol Director Glen Schofield Leaves Studio, Steve Papoutsis Named CEO

In a surprising turn of events, esteemed director Glen Schofield bids farewell to his position at the helm of “The Callisto Protocol.” With great respect and gratitude, the studio acknowledges Schofield’s invaluable contributions. Nonetheless, a fresh chapter begins as experienced industry veteran Steve Papoutsis steps up as the newly appointed CEO. Amidst these changes, the future of “The Callisto Protocol” undoubtedly retains its enigmatic allure.

The Callisto Protocol Developer Striking Distance Suffers Over 30 Layoffs

In a melancholic turn of events, Striking Distance Studios, the creative powerhouse behind “The Callisto Protocol,” has been hit by the unfortunate news of over 30 employees being laid off. This unforeseen blow raises concerns and casts shadows on the future of the highly-anticipated horror game. With questions looming, the studio must now navigate through troubled waters, hoping to maintain their artistic vision and deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

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