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Evil Dead: The Game Will Not Receive Any More Content, Switch Version Canceled

In a disappointing turn of events for fans of the hit game “Evil Dead,” it has been confirmed that no further content will be released. To add salt to the wound, the highly anticipated Switch version of the game has been officially canceled. While this news may leave players feeling disheartened, it’s important to remember that the sun always rises, and new gaming adventures await.

Friday the 13th: The Game Will Be Delisted At The End Of The Year

It’s the day horror fans dread the most – Friday the 13th. And for fans of the game Friday the 13th: The Game, there’s even more bad news. The popular asymmetrical multiplayer game will be delisted at the end of the year. Despite a devoted fanbase, the game has been plagued by legal issues. So if you’ve ever wanted to wreak havoc as Jason Voorhees, now is your last chance.

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