Xbox Series S

Update: Remedy Confirms Alan Wake 2 Performance Mode Not Coming To Xbox Series S

In a disappointing turn of events for Alan Wake fans, Remedy Entertainment has officially confirmed that the highly anticipated performance mode for Alan Wake 2 will not be available on the Xbox Series S. This revelation has left players uncertain about how the game will utilize the power of the next-gen console, sparking curiosity and concern within the gaming community. With the absence of this feature, the spotlight is now on Remedy to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans while optimizing the game’s performance on the Xbox Series S.

Teardown Hits PS5 And Xbox Series X/S This November

In a stunning revelation, it has been announced that the eagerly awaited PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will be subjected to a dramatic teardown this November. Gaming enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the intricate details of these next-gen consoles, as their inner workings are meticulously exposed. This astonishing event promises to unveil the technological secrets behind these gaming powerhouses, opening up a world of imagination and innovation. Get ready for an electrifying visual journey into the heart of the gaming industry.

Microsoft Reveals 1TB SSD Xbox Series S

Microsoft’s latest revelation has gamers’ hearts racing. The new 1TB SSD Xbox Series S promises lightning-fast loading times and smooth gameplay. With this new addition, Microsoft is hoping to up the ante in the console wars and cement its place as a frontrunner in the gaming industry.

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