VR SPACE 360 video – ISS Space Station tour | Virtual Reality Experience

VR SPACE 360 video

ISS Space Station tour | Virtual Reality Experience

Today we would like to share with you one of our 360 videos in which we take a closer look at the cosmos. In this VR 360 video, we will travel in space, where you will be able to take a closer look at the ISS – International Space Station and learn some interesting facts about it.

The International Space Station is the primary spacecraft of the ISS program, an international project led by Russia and USA. It orbits 558 kilometers above the Earth at approximately 28000 kilometers per hour. International Space Station includes 15 modules, including several laboratories. The large ISS lab section is used to conduct scientific experiments, while the small of ISS lab section called Destiny is living quarters.

ISS astronauts have conducted a large number of both fundamental and applied scientific research projects in biology, astronomy, and Earth sciences. An example of projects done by the ISS is live streaming from the International Space Station is possible, allowing people all over the world being able to see ISS from different angles. ISS is a true marvel of technology and an engineering miracle. When International Space Station was under construction, the world’s attention focused on it, because it showed that man could leave his earthly bounds to reach into the expanse of space.

ISS has been visited by astronauts from 16 countries during more than 150 missions since November. This provides a basis for international cooperation because ISS Space Station is not a single country’s project, but the result of worldwide efforts. ISS represents an unprecedented research platform for studying many scientific disciplines, including human biology and the effects of microgravity on living organisms. This space station is part of the history of mankind. ISS is one of the best advertisements for space travel today. International Space Station can be seen in many ways, with different lenses. ISS is a great scientific project that has had global resonance since it was completed in 1998.

In this 360 video you can learn more about this great topic which is International Space Station. Observe this miracle of technology up close and visit this space station both inside and outside. Watch this VR Space 360 video now and travel in space with us!

VR SPACE 360 video – ISS Space Station tour | Virtual Reality Experience

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