Spinosaurus dinosaur

VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #9 – Spinosaurus dinosaur facts VR 360 video education

Next video will bring you new and unknown facts about the dinosaur that is Spinosaurus. It was a dinosaur that lived about 99 to 93.5 million years ago, that is, in the period from the Cenomanian to the late Cretaceous, and lived in what is now North Africa. Spinosaurus was considered one of the largest theropods due to the fact that its length was from 11 to even 18 meters. The weight of this dinosaur oscillated between 4 and even 21 tons. It is speculated that the animal’s sail was to serve as thermoregulation. Watch the VR Jurassic Encyclopedia #9 video in the post and continue our VR 360 video education about dinosaurs.

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